Since the early days of Joyce Julius and Repucom (now Nielsen), brands have sought to quantify the media value gained from what fans see watching sporting events.

Seeing is one thing. Believing is another.

Fans can see GEICO on the outfield wall. But because of selective perception, fans may not recall it. Perhaps you’ve seen the gorilla in the background experiment that proves the point.

Connecting inputs with outputs

To bridge the gap from brand to mind, we certify that the inputs measured by Trajektory translate into fan recall. We offer certification at the team level and verification at the partner level.

Partners can determine how the brand’s presence in the venue and commercial TV or via social media channels convert into fans recalling and acting upon it.

Wakefield offers the ability to visualize partner performance by asset (e.g., TV broadcasts and TV visible signage; see below) measured by Trajektory to isolate and analyze brand performance to prepare exportable reports.

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