Getting to 20-50% aided recall from a scientific stratified sample means for a fan base of 10 million that 2m to 5m fans are reached–which is amazing when put into absolute terms. What can partnerships expect?

* Only 31% of the over 700 partnerships measured since 2019 have aided recall at 50% or higher.
* Only 15% of all deals have recall of 60% or better.
* Only 11% get to 70% or better. Most often these are title sponsors of the training center or other major entitlement.

Only 7% get to 80% or higher. Some of these are field, arena or related naming rights, like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Atlanta United FC). Others, like Bojangles’​ Restaurants, Inc. (Carolina Panthers), Discount Drug Mart (Cleveland Cavaliers), and UNC REX Healthcare (Carolina Hurricanes), have created strong team/brand links with integrated campaigns.

Getting above 90% recall is rare air--only 2% of all deals–most often long-time stadium partners like Lucas Oil Products, Smoothie King (SKFI) and Nationwide or jersey sponsors like YETI and Etihad. For decades official Olympic sponsors have done well to hit 50% recall, often failing to hit the numbers of ambushers.

It’s a breakthrough to get one-half or even one-quarter of a fan base to notice. And it takes time.

The big difference between reaching 25% of a team’s 10 million fans with sponsorships versus 2.5 million via other media is that the team’s fans care what you have to say.

Because of the passion for the team, fans want to support the team’s partners. Not many rush to the T-Mobile Phone Zone because they advertise on CNN, but they might get there quicker if they’re a Vegas Golden Knights fan.

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