The partner’s brand equity increases when fans recall the brand as a partner of the team.

Brand lift is the change in perceptions among fans who correctly identify the brand as a partner of a property compared to those who don’t.

Compared to those with no recall, fans who recall the partner are more than 2X (+114.6%) more likely to buy or use the partner’s brand. Below is the average brand lift across all Wakefield teams and brands.

Calculating brand lift

We ask fans to rate sponsors and their competitors on a 100-point scales for brand regard, relevance, differentiation, trust and preferences. Assume that fans who do not recall Bud Light as a sponsor on average rate brand relevance as 50. If fans who do recall Bud Light as the sponsor on average rate it as 75, then the lift for relevance would be 50% (25/50 = 50%).

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